56L Ultralight Frameless Backpack - eMARKH-
56L Ultralight Frameless Backpack - eMARKH-Grey
56L Ultralight Frameless Backpack - eMARKH-
56L Ultralight Frameless Backpack - eMARKH-
56L Ultralight Frameless Backpack - eMARKH-
56L Ultralight Frameless Backpack - eMARKH-
56L Ultralight Frameless Backpack - eMARKH-
56L Ultralight Frameless Backpack - eMARKH-
56L Ultralight Frameless Backpack - eMARKH-
56L Ultralight Frameless Backpack - eMARKH-
56L Ultralight Frameless Backpack - eMARKH-Black
56L Ultralight Frameless Backpack - eMARKH-Brown
56L Ultralight Frameless Backpack - eMARKH-Green
56L Ultralight Frameless Backpack - eMARKH-

56L Ultralight Frameless Backpack

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Key Features

  • This backpack is suitable for hiking, camping, and trekking. The backpack has multiple adjustment straps to better meet your needs. Make your journey easier.
  • Lightweight, Waterproof, Durable, Substantial Capacity.


  • Capacity: 40 + 16 liters,
  • Dimensions: 80 cm x 30 cm x 22 cm / 27.56in x 11.81in
  • Weight: 850 g / 1.94 lb / 31.04 oz.
  • Buckle: Duraflex,
  • Material: 210D Polymer polyethylene nylon


  • It is recommended to use a soft cloth dampened with water or detergent for cleaning.

About us

eMARKH is based in Alberta (Canada) and is a partner with well-established Global Brands, which strive to produce high-quality, functional, and fashion trending products. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer free DHL or UPS shipping worldwide for some of our products (like tents) and free standard shipping (2-4 weeks) for orders over $100.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Annie Gauthier
Fantastic bag

I love my new backpack is very light

George Anderson

My new backpack appears to be of very high quality! I think this backpack will support without problem a load ideal for up to 8-10 day camping trip provided you have ultralight equipment. I'm really looking forward to testing it out in nature. I want to pack along in this new backpack my Aegismax sleeping quilt and my new Lanshan pro one tent. This backpack comes with a roll top, which helps to keep your stuff inside. I'm fairly short (153 cm) and this backpack fits me fine, maybe too big. The belt is strong and has a zipper on both sides. And I love the convenient outside pockets and mesh in which I can put objects that I wish to have handy such as a snack or a rain jacket. It is much better than expected! My old backpack weights 1950 grams (empty!) so this is a huge improvement reducing weight (887 gr in my scale). Thank you for this precious backpack. It took less than 1 month to arrive at my apartment in Concepcion, Chile. I highly recommend this Ultralight backpack.

Sanchez Tammy

Yakisnya matter and furnitura, good zshitiya. Three hundred and twenty of the water bodies of pokritty (I will not wear the same, show the same). The mat is kind to roll on the back of the backpack, without the new takozh is normal (ale the back will be Mokra without ventilation). On the shoulder straps dovoli сіsitka, it is possible to do the same with the same contact. Backpack zadoveniy, rosmir pleased, not small (40 + 16 vkazano on the beach). The salesman is good, on all the Python reviews, schvidko reviews the goods. Recommend.

Hamilton Heather

In the Street 13 dnev. The model of the backpack Duge was similar! Super Light, kilomok PID spinoyu, head can swivko vitagti and insert back, the head of the head of the back of the head of the M 'yaka TA rivna. It's a nuance, the back is very weak, ale kochikuvano. Before that, the backpack is cracked retro-packed with a shield. Pockets of the trophies are bigger, ale in the new поміщається Miy great thermos for 1,6 l abo plashka for 2 liters. For the unarmed, it's like a Duge of Raju!

Crystal West

All is well.

Janet Sanders

Genuinely looks fantastic. Great quality and super lightweight. Will load up and provide more feedback later. Genuinely impressed

Amy Weaver

Nice product.fast delivery

Ferguson Teresa

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Theresa Gardner

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Judith Sims

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